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Collective Action Group Flick’Em says its decision to take out full page advertisements in key regional publications this weekend was backed by independent polling.

Flick’Em Spokesman Mick Norris says the advertisements reflect community attitudes to the ALP and LNP in regional areas and call on voters to take action.

“The only place you can flick a politician where it hurts is at the ballot box – and this election we’re saying Queenslanders can make LNP and Labor pay,” Mr Norris says.

“For too long, voters have put up with the major party merry-go-round and now it’s time to make them pay attention, and make them pay their dues,” he says.

The Flick’Em group – formed just two weeks ago - has one objective: to increase the number of seats won by independents and minor parties at this Queensland State Election.

Mick Norris says Queensland’s single house of parliament can only benefit from more diversity of voices.

“Majority government by a major party would be a disaster for Queensland voters because it would mean 4 years with a government who doesn’t have to consult, negotiate or debate on anything. A majority government from either the ALP or LNP would mean no input from any other elected person until the year 2021,” Mr Norris says.

“2021 is too far away to make change. That’s why we say put the major parties last on your ballot paper and have a crack at getting better government back on track in this great state,” he says.

Queenslanders can cast their vote starting from Monday November 13 at Pre-Polling stations listed HERE


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