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Great read in the Sunday Mail.


A great read in the Sunday Mail this morning.


Dear Queenslanders,

I am sick to death of these puffy faced ALP and LNP politicians looking down the lens of a camera saying stupid things to me in my living room every night.  SHUT UP!  You’re not smart or clever.  You’re just taking turns at stuffing our State.  You’re not fooling anyone and I for one am not going to sit quietly in the corner and go along with the charade.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what people are saying about you at my workplace:

The ALP is more green than the Greens.  They have no connection with blue collar workers or the protection of workers’ rights.  They have no interest in looking after average mortgage paying families.  They’re all sitting around in their moccasins, sipping lattes in West End with their hairy armpitted, tree hugging, dope smoking, underemployed academic hangers-on, dreaming up ways to ban anything that’s fun. Even the ALP voters aren’t proud of who they are.

And please, don’t you LNP pollies smile.  They don’t think much of you either.  You’re a bunch of sell-outs ruled by the big end of town!  Puppets that will say and do whatever pleases anyone on the CBD side of the Brisbane River.  A bunch of razor-gang style accountants ready to sell off our State assets whenever you can.  Where’s the big vision?  Where’s the fight?  You’re happier in opposition because you can get home at 5.00pm every night and watch TV.  Stop insulting rural and regional Queensland!  You are never going to give them a say.  I guess they are too far from Clayfield to matter.  Oh yes, there is more to Queensland than Clayfield.

Here’s some news for you... we don’t have to take it.  The ALP and LNP don’t have a “born to rule” right to take turns at stuffing our State.  

We will get whatever government or politician we vote for.  So, I’m not voting for either of you.  In fact I’m going to put the majors last.

Feels good to get that off my chest.

Feel free to contact FLICK'EM yourself if you want to help spread the word and have your own rant.


One pissed-off Queenslander.

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